Mike Haskins – Chair
Vern Herter – Co-Chair
Scott Ward – Secretary
Floyd Sommer
Darrin Schaer
Planning Commission Minutes

Pipestone Township Maps

Pipestone Township Zoning Ordinance Fees

Mobile home hardship                                           No Charge
Parcel division App. Fee                                         No Charge
Land Combination Fee                                           No Charge
Lot Line Adjustment Fee                                        No Charge
Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing                         $500.00
Initial Escrow Fee                                                  $1,000.00
Special Land Use Permit application                     $500.00
Initial Escrow Fee                                                  $1,000.00
Special Meeting of Planning Commission             $500.00
Special Meeting of Township Board                      $150.00
Ordinance Books on CD/DVD                                 $15.00
Amending and/or Rezoning of Zoning Map           $350.00