There are three cemeteries in Pipestone Township.
They are:
Caldwell Cemetery – 7109 E. Main St. Eau Claire
Shanghai Cemetery – 4394 S. Park Rd. Eau Claire
Shanghai Memorial Cemetery – 4391 S. Park Rd. Eau Claire

Grave Sales:

All sales of lots of burial spaces shall be made on a form approved by the township board, which grants a right of burial only and does not convey any other title to the lot or burial space sold. Such form shall be executed by the township clerk.

A lot sold would be the burial right for the individual specified at the time of purchase. Resident rate to be for residents only. No extra graves except as specified for the individual, or up to two graves per minor child (to be used for minor child, minor child’s spouse or minor child’s child at a later date) purchased by minor child’s guardian.

Transfers of Lots:

Transfer fee to be $25.00 per grave lot


Amendment to paragraph 4: To qualify as a resident:

  1. One shall have lived continuously in Pipestone Township for period of at least one (1) year as an adult with a mailing address to the name or,
  2. One shall be a current land owner/taxpayer of Pipestone Township of at least the last two years, or;
  3. One shall establish residency by other legal means.

Once established a residency in Pipestone Township, one has up to one (1) year after moving to purchase a lot under the resident rate.

Memorial Markers:

Proper memorial monuments to be defined as permanent materials (Granite, Cast Bronze, Marble or Stone with Inscription)

For Cemetery foundations, contact Cemetery Supervisor at 269-461-6151 or 269-208-0843.

Foundation price is $0.52 per square inch.

One headstone per grave and only proper memorial monuments to be allowed and to be allowed and placed on proper foundations made by the sexton. No trees,  bushes, rose bushes, or yucca plants to be planted by individuals in Pipestone Township Cemeteries. The township board to have trees planted as they see fit. Approximately eight to twelve inch margin around  the front of the headstone for planting flowers. Hanging basket rods to be on sides of headstones and as close as possible to headstone. Township is not responsible for anything placed on cemetery grounds. As of May 10, 2002 governmental markers are allowed to be placed on the back of monument markers in Pipestone Township Cemeteries.

Summer/Fall – Silk and plastic flowers and wreaths can be placed from May 1st to October 1st. If not removed they will be disposed of.

Winter – Silk and plastic flowers and wreaths can be placed from November 1st to April 1st. If not removed they will be disposed of.


A burial right to the grave to be defined as: one-adult burial, up to two infant burials (infant to be defined as up to approximately two years old – 36″ casket) and up to two cremations. Also one cremation allowed at head of grave of immediate family member burial. (Cremation to be defined as a single persons cremains.) Vaults are required for all cremation burials.

Resident $200
Non-Resident $600
Opening / Closing Mon – Fri Sat / Sun
Adult (Resident) $625 $725
Adult (Non-Resident) $925 $1025
Infant (Resident & Non-Resident) $100 $200
Cremation (Resident & Non-Resident) $100 $200